A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Every decision by every player influences the story for everyone.

Take part in a live, player-driven story as it unfolds over four chapters. Your choices, and the choices of every player, will drive a living tale of shifting alliances as you race to uncover the truth of the magical shroud that holds Iskendrun captive.

Choose Your Allies Wisely

Somewhere along the way, you made a huge mistake.

You got to the city. You bribed the customs agent to get in. You helped a poor, old haberdasher who was being robbed - the only decent thing to do, really - and then this monster from another dimension came out of nowhere. 

It was almost dead already when you punched it and it fell over. You keep telling everyone that.

Except, now they’re calling you the Hero of Portals, the five most powerful people in the city are each clamoring for your allegiance, and just when you’re starting to think of leaving the city for good....

...a magical shroud descends around the city and traps everyone inside. Next thing you know, the place is devolving into civil war, there are monsters everywhere, and apparently, you’re the answer to everyone’s prayers.

Yeah, you definitely messed up somewhere.

Good luck.


  • The story is a living episodic campaign: in each chapter, every player's actions impact how the world, changing how the story unfolds for the entire community in the next chapter
  • 4 chapters: each chapter is crafted based on the cumulative influence of every player's choices and actions from the previous episodes
  • Real-time, combo-based battle system: think on your feet and chain your attacks together to defeat your opponents
  • Play your way: an optional “Wait Mode” pauses the action while you enter combos, and you can choose to slow down or speed up the gameplay to suit your playstyle
  • Multiple difficulty options let you choose between focusing on narrative and testing your tactical prowess
  • Online PVP multiplayer
  • Deep combo and stat system lets you customize your team to suit your playstyle
  • A distinctive world, beautifully realized in 2D and 3D

City of the Shroud™ was Kickstarted in 9 days! Thank you everyone for your support!

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Install instructions

Download the ZIP archive, unzip it to your preferred directory, and play away!


City of the Shroud PAX East 2018 Demo (WIN)
City of the Shroud PAX East 2018 Demo (OSX)

Development log


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when I click download for windows it says to me the site cant be reached, help?

Really fun, liking the combat system. Having it in real-time will definately mean a learning curve but if it's balanced right that's no problem. Very polished, lovely art style. Can't wait to buy the finished game!

Thank you very much!

It's not in the demo, but we added an optional "Wait Mode" to the final game that lets you pause the game whenever you want and issue orders to your characters, as well as the ability to speed up or slow down battles in the Options Menu!

Really awesome, unique game!

Thank you for the awesome video :)

Looks neat! Does it have a linux build?

Not at the moment, but it is something I'd like to do! If enough people want it, we'll definitely see if we can make it work.